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Core competence

Our core competence is a sound knowledge in chemistry and in the biology of microorganisms. Its unique interconnection with different sciences (our inter-disciplinary approach) provides creative and innovative solutions for feed producer's problems.


Your success

The feed producer's added value is twofold:

  • High animal performance and therefore customer satisfaction.
  • Healthy lifestocks and therefore a calm life.

Commitment to Co-operation

  • We believe that honesty is the foundation for trust and partnerships.
  • Everybody is met with respect. In particular, everybody's opinion is met with respect.
  • We emphasise the information flow. We learn and improve steadily.

Commitment to Innovation

  • Our solutions are scientifically and theoretically well-founded.
  • We seek for interdisciplinary solutions.
  • Co-operations are arranged with customers, practitioners, universities and institutes in order to solve our customer problems.

Commitment to Performance

  • We generate added value for the customer, for the customers of the customer and for the investors.
  • There is always more than one solution to a problem.
  • Challenges are met with motivation, enthusiasm and endurance.



Barbara Czarniecki

PhD in chemistry ETH

Diploma in Mathematics ETH



Michael Czarniecki

M.A. in economics HSG



Erwin Martin


Janusz Czarniecki

PhD in Chemistry



Agnes Schärmeli

Degreed ingeneer of Food Chemestry and Environmental Analytics


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Soldig is a chemical compund that consists exclusively of trace elements. It has been designed by Solid Chemicals in a research project which started in 2010.
It is unique in that the surface of the molecule is manipulated, which facilitates the bioactivity of known and popular trace elements such as zinc and copper. The effect of 50 ppm of ZnO in Soldig is comparable to the effect of 3000 ppm of common ZnO. While Solid Chemicals has its roots in research on nanomaterials, nanotechnology is not applied in Soldig.

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